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South building of the Cannon Yard

Sheinkmana Street, 1, bldg. 5

s – lab x Tinkoff

Cross-disciplinary multimedia designer Anastasia Slabinyak and Tinkoff jointly created the Storm installation, the concept of which reflects the worship of natural phenomena.

Anastasia Slabinyak uses various media art techniques to create intuitive visual metaphors. At the festival, the work will be presented in collaboration with laser show artist Ksenia Medvedeva and sound artist Tanya Malandina.

Technology, a non—standard approach and an experimental format are what awaits the audience in the installation of s — lab and Tinkoff.


Ancient people believed thunder to be the anger of the gods. Although nowadays it is studied and can be predicted by meteorologists, the storm can still evoke strong feelings. The installation gives you a chance to face the boundary between nature and civilization and symbolizes the illusion of security. Representing the storm as a metaphor for danger and power, it penetrates a place designed to keep out the threat.

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