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Educational program

Lectures, discussions and artist talks

Lectures, discussions and artist talks at the NUR International Media Art Festival will be a link between exhibitions, installations and the music program. Artists, festival curators, creative producers and other industry leaders will immerse guests in the context of media art development, talk about their path, share their personal experiences and answer questions from the audience. The events of the educational program will follow each other with short breaks.


National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan ( Pushkin Street, 86 )


How to misbehave with your clients

Vasiliy Shvetsov

The speaker will tell you how the art direction in Russia has changed in recent years: what key projects have influenced the market, how this has affected SMM, how approaches to misbehaving in creatives have changed and where everything is going.



Evgeniy Druzhinin

How synergetic principles of self-organization shaped the motion design market in Russia.


Passion for new media: how to bring together interdisciplinary specialists and apply an experimental approach to commercial projects

Ivan Nefyodkin

Artists, CG-designers, programmers, architects, musicians and other specialists work on radugadesign projects. The speaker will talk about how to use the experience of professionals from various fields to create impressive multimedia projects.


Performing technoscience: practicing Art & Science & Technology

Anastasia Alyokhina

An introductory lecture on the history and genres of contemporary art.


Why Russian theaters do not use modern technologies

Maxim Chepukhalin

The speaker will explain how to apply multimedia technologies in Russian theaters, what can be achieved with their help, and how theater professionals can get in touch with media artists.


Multimedia solutions in directing and scenography

Nikita Sadovnikov

The speaker will share where to start stage design and what tools can be used; he will talk about the peculiarities of communication with artists, as well as how to realize the conceived beautifully under budget constraints.


NONOTAK / Light, Sound and Space

Noemi Schipfer

Artist talk


How and where to learn the art of new media

Alexandra Druzhinina, Ekaterina Belyaeva

The speakers will discuss how the educational landscape has changed in training interdisciplinary specialists and multimedia artists in Russia; where to go to study to keep up with the growing media art industry and create relevant projects at the intersection of technology, science and art.


Life, Tears, and Love: The drama of a creator-producer Relationship

Olga Arshanskaya

How do you structure genius? How to plan for inspiration? How to help an artist on the journey from general idea to realized project? How to be “in the same boat” and not on the battlefield? The answers to all these questions, as well as the story of triumphs and failures, will be revealed by an experienced producer.


One freelancer's journey

Ainur Davletov

The speaker will talk about how to go beyond the regional market to the federal and international level, how to pitch your projects and how to use the power of networking to move forward.


The language of multimedia. The search for a visual solution and how the set-up makes us think

Ekaterina Chetverikova

The lecture will focus on how to speak the language of mapping. You will learn why a motion video from a social network can't just be transferred to a building, how to move away from literal images towards metaphors, how to work competently with a set-up and what influence it has on the development of the show concept and the search for a visual solution.


Architecture in the media age

Sergey Dmitriev, Rustam Shagimordanov (tomrus)

The discussion will touch upon the use of new technologies and artistic approaches in architecture to improve the quality of life and create new forms of interaction with the environment.