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Artplay Media Digital Art Center

Pushkin Street, 17

Nadya Kimelyar X Yusuf Bikchantaev

The tandem grew out of the Formate studio. Its creative director and media artist Nadia Kimelyar works with projection and generative graphics, striving to create a unique visual experience and connect the digital environment with physical reality. In turn, Yusuf Bikchantaev is the studio's sound designer and theater composer, whose performance you will hear at the TON party.


The path from an ancient human being to a modern one has taken millennia. During these years of intellectual development, people have made incredible discoveries and overcome numerous barriers. But there is something that still connects us with antiquity, and that is the primal fear of the unknown. The installation will let you face this fear and feel its "presence" through the portal of digital reality.

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